Dunoon Presents Argyll Rally – Spectator Information:

Argyll Rally souvenir programme contains spectator information and timings and is available from the following outlets in Dunoon.

• Cowal Car Components
• Holy Loch Coffee Shop
• Mactavish’s Garage Arrochar
• Benmore Cafe
• Perk Up, Ferry Brae
• Dunoon Stadium (24th June only)
• Strachur Filling Station

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To help plan your day, here is an outline schedule of the event along with an overview map.
The forests are free to enter but the programme will contain all the information required to plan your day and is available from the outlets above for just £4.

Friday 23rd June
Rally HQ opens – Documentation and pre-event scrutiny Dunoon Stadium 14:00 – 19:00
Saturday 24th June
Ceremonial Start Argyll Street – Dunoon From 08:30
Special Stage 1 09:30
Special Stage 2 10:32
Service Halt Dunoon Stadium 11:10
Special Stage 4 13:06
Special Stage 5 14:10
Service Halt Dunoon Stadium 14:57
Special Stage 6 15:38
Ceremonial Finish Dunoon Stadium 16:16

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REMEMBER cars not only slide around corners, they send a shower of stones and rocks out behind them as the power goes on. If you are in the firing line you can get hurt so stand where you are safe.

The Spectator Control car will come through the stages about 20 minutes ahead of the competitors to keep you informed as to the progress of the rally. Be aware that if you, or others, are in an unsafe position, or continuing to ignore the marshals instructions, the Safety Officer has the authority to delay the stage, and in an extreme situation, request its cancellation.

The MSA provide general guidance as to the unsafe areas where spectators should not position themselves.


  • Stand on the track
  • Stand below the level of the track
  • Stand in front of arrows or signs
  • Stand in Prohibited Areas
  • Stand or sit on or near log piles, walls or fences
  • Sit close to the edge of the track
  • Block escape routes
  • Be distracted
  • Play games with your safety or that of the drivers
  • Remove Stage signs or arrows
  • Be the one to stop the Stage


  • Expect the unexpected
  • Listen for approaching cars
  • Remain alert
  • Leave yourself room to move quickly
  • Try to keep behind something solid
  • Keep children under supervision
  • Keep dogs on a lead
  • Do as the Marshals ask
  • Help the Marshals to run a safe Stage

Be Sure That:

  • The unexpected can happen
  • If you ignore Marshals instructions
  • the stage will be stopped

Please protect:

  • Yourself
  • Others around you
  • This Stage
  • Rallying
  • Motor Sport