Judges of Fact

The following person’s have been appointed as Judges of Fact.

Full Name First Name Last Name
Steven Aitken Steven Aitken
Eilidh Allan Eilidh Allan
Barry Allman Barry Allman
Neil Archer-Munro Neil Archer-Munro
Christine Archer-Munro Christine Archer-Munro
Lee Armstrong Lee Armstrong
George Arnold George Arnold
Ian Asher Ian Asher
Colin Auld Colin Auld
Colin Auld Colin Auld
Diana Baines Diana Baines
Chris Baker Chris Baker
Nick Bancks Nick Bancks
Mathew Bancks Mathew Bancks
Ray Beamish Ray Beamish
Brian Black Brian Black
Connor Black Connor Black
Clare Bowness Clare Bowness
Stuart Bradley Stuart Bradley
Stephen Broadbent Stephen Broadbent
Connor Brown Connor Brown
Andrew Bruce Andrew Bruce
Robbie Bulloch Robbie Bulloch
William Campbell William Campbell
Iain Campbell Iain Campbell
Colin Christie Colin Christie
Ross Clark Ross Clark
Jeremy Clarke Jeremy Clarke
John Clayton John Clayton
Sandra Clayton Sandra Clayton
Jenny Cochran Jenny Cochran
Ryan Coleman Ryan Coleman
Ted Collins Ted Collins
Pat Collins Pat Collins
Jon Cordery Jon Cordery
Graham Couser Graham Couser
Gavin Cross Gavin Cross
Richard Crozier Richard Crozier
Wilma Davidson Wilma Davidson
Darren Davies Darren Davies
Mark Deamer Mark Deamer
Charlie Denny Charlie Denny
Ian A. Dixon Ian A. Dixon
Martin Douglas Martin Douglas
Ian Douglas Ian Douglas
Stuart Drynan Stuart Drynan
David Duff David Duff
Owen Duncan Owen Duncan
Cameron Dunn Cameron Dunn
Rupert einH Rupert Hind
James Elliot James Elliot
Maurice Ellison Maurice Ellison
Lois Fell Lois Fell
Aaron Ferguson Aaron Ferguson
Pauline Ferguson Pauline Ferguson
Craig Fisher Craig Fisher
Ade Fitness Ade Fitness
Ashley Forshaw Ashley Forshaw
David Fry David Fry
Simeon Fry Simeon Fry
Cameron Gillespie Cameron Gillespie
Gordon Gillon Gordon Gillon
Christopher Goodlet Christopher Goodlet
Simon Goodwin Simon Goodwin
Cathy Grant Cathy Grant
Andrew Gray Andrew Gray
Bryan Hamilton Bryan Hamilton
John Harrington John Harrington
Chris Hartley Chris Hartley
Dawn Henderson Dawn Henderson
Aiden Henderson Aiden Henderson
Peter Henness Peter Henness
Michael Hodgson Michael Hodgson
Brian Hollingworth Brian Hollingworth
Margaret Hollingworth Margaret Hollingworth
Mic Hood Mic Hood
Christopher Hylton Christopher Hylton
Alasdair Ingram Alasdair Ingram
Steven Irwin Steven Irwin
Neil Jeffrey Neil Jeffrey
Patrick Johnson Patrick Johnson
John Jones John Jones
Steve Jubb Steve Jubb
Janet Kelly Janet Kelly
John Kerr John Kerr
Dave King Dave King
Clayton Lackenby Clayton Lackenby
Fiona Lackenby Fiona Lackenby
Vicky Lang Vicky Lang
David Lauder David Lauder
Pete Lawrence Pete Lawrence
Natasha Lazareva Natasha Lazareva
Steve Lewis Steve Lewis
Amy Liddle Amy Liddle
Robert Lowe Robert Lowe
John MacArthur John MacArthur
Alasdair MacConnell Alasdair MacConnell
Craig Macdougal Craig Macdougal
Kevin MacIver Kevin MacIver
Cameron Maclean Cameron Maclean
Donald MacNeill Donald MacNeill
Norman Macphail Norman Macphail
Mary Margaret MacRae Mary Margaret MacRae
Alan Manktelow Alan Manktelow
Elizabeth Manktelow Elizabeth Manktelow
Gavin Marshall Gavin Marshall
Kevin Massie Kevin Massie
Robert Mathieson Robert Mathieson
Kate Maxwell Kate Maxwell
Cameron McAdam Cameron McAdam
Linda McAdam Linda McAdam
John McAdam John McAdam
Iain Mccuaig Iain Mccuaig
Neil McHaffie Neil McHaffie
Ellen McLean Ellen McLean
Ian McRae Ian McRae
Brenda McRae Brenda McRae
Sandy McVerry Sandy McVerry
Harry Merry Harry Merry
Gordon Milne Gordon Milne
Tommy Milton Tommy Milton
Sue Minns Sue Minns
Donald Mitchell Donald Mitchell
Guy Moffat Guy Moffat
Katie Moffat Katie Moffat
Yvonne Moffat Yvonne Moffat
Sara Muir Sara Muir
Emma Muir Emma Muir
Robin Nicolson Robin Nicolson
Dan Orme Dan Orme
Ian Parkin Ian Parkin
Stewart Paton Stewart Paton
Monty Pearson Monty Pearson
Andrew Pemberton Andrew Pemberton
Neil Philip Neil Philip
Andrew Philip Andrew Philip
David Pinkerton David Pinkerton
Colin Poole Colin Poole
Andy Price Andy Price
Mati Price Mati Price
Phil Rees Phil Rees
Alistair Reid Alistair Reid
Mike Reid Mike Reid
Colin Renwick Colin Renwick
Andy Ritchie Andy Ritchie
Stewart Robertson Stewart Robertson
Nick Robertson Nick Robertson
Linda Robertson Linda Robertson
David Ross David Ross
Nigel Sayer-Payne Nigel Sayer-Payne
Poppy Sayer-Payne Poppy Sayer-Payne
Andrew Scott Andrew Scott
Alex Scott Alex Scott
John Scott John Scott
Doug Shanks Doug Shanks
Andrew Sharp Andrew Sharp
Steven Simmons Steven Simmons
Neville Simmons Neville Simmons
Gordon Smith Gordon Smith
Joanne Smith Joanne Smith
Alastair Spencer Alastair Spencer
Ewan Stanhope Ewan Stanhope
Peter Stanhope Peter Stanhope
David Stone David Stone
David Taylor David Taylor
Stephan Taylor Stephan Taylor
Douglas Taylor Douglas Taylor
Shaun Thomas Shaun Thomas
Geoff Thomlinson Geoff Thomlinson
David Thompson David Thompson
Sandy Thomson Sandy Thomson
John Thomson John Thomson
Morag Thomson Morag Thomson
Gordon Thomson Gordon Thomson
Russell Thomspon Russell Thomspon
Elaine Waddell Elaine Waddell
Wyn Wakefield Wyn Wakefield
Alex Wakefield Alex Wakefield
Norma Walker Norma Walker
Philip Wallbank Philip Wallbank
Trevor Watson Trevor Watson
Richard Webster Richard Webster
Hugo Webster Hugo Webster
Trevor Welch Trevor Welch
Dougie Whyte Dougie Whyte
Mike Williams Mike Williams
Matthew Wilson Matthew Wilson
Kenny Wilson Kenny Wilson
Tom Wilson Tom Wilson
Angela Wilson Angela Wilson
Bill Winning Bill Winning
Sandy Winning Sandy Winning
Ken Wishart Ken Wishart
Bob Wright Bob Wright
William Wylie William Wylie