Stage Maps

The following stage maps are now available to download

Stage No Stage Name Stage Sponsor Download Stage Map
SS1 Dunoon Town Centre 1 La Cantina/51st State Bar & Grill SS1 – Dunoon Town Stage
SS2 Dunoon Town Centre 2 Stewart’s Garage SS2 – Dunoon Town Stage
SS3 Glendaruel 1 Gti Direct SS3 – Glendaruel Stage
SS4 Bealach Maim 1 GMB Scotland SS4 – Bealach Maim Stage
SS5 Loch Fyne 1 Ingrams Bar, Dunoon SS5 – Loch Fyne Stage
SS6 Glendaruel 2 Out of Your Hands Cleaning Service SS6 – Glendaruel Stage
SS7 Bealach Maim 2 Dunoon Property SS7 – Bealach Maim Stage
SS8 Loch Fyne 2 Collins Distribution SS8 – Loch Fyne Stage
SS9 Whistlefield 1 Ross MacArthur Contractors SS9 – Whistlefield Stage
SS10 Glendaruel 3 Out of Your Hands Cleaning Service SS10 – Glendaruel Stage
SS11 Bealach Maim 3 Ballimore Estate SS11 – Bealach Maim Stage
SS12 Loch Fyne 3 Gti Direct SS12 – Loch Fyne Stage
SS13 Whistlefield 2 Ross MacArthur Contractors SS13 – Whistlefield Stage