You will probably be aware that much stricter guidelines have been introduced regarding press accreditation to rallies and the access permitted for those accredited. As a result, the following instructions will, be enforced and, whilst there is some room for discretion, other than in exceptional circumstances, there will be no deviation from these guidelines.

Please Note: No applications will be considered from: –

(a) Television or radio personnel, except employees of the official championship suppliers and those directly interested in providing guaranteed coverage of the event.

(b) Advertising or marketing personnel.

(c) Premium-rate telephone information services.

(d) Internet websites (other than specifically approved) or e-mail services.

(e) Publications not available to the general public (house journals, club magazines etc) other than specifically approved.

(f) Press officers or PR staff other than those covered by current championship agreements.

All Motorsport UK Level 2 media will be welcome but please still contact the event beforehand. Other applicants may be granted ‘guest’ access to the event at the discretion of the organisers.

To apply please contact us

Event Secretary & Media Officer
David Thompson

07934 008792